"Sometimes, on a clear night, I find myself staring at the starlight and wondering if the creations of mind really do intersect with the fabric of reality.  Wondering if there's a line there at all."

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"People wonder how we were so successful in gathering so much evidence.  We think it's the unique
chemistry of the team.   Everyone is extremely talented at what they do.  But perhaps the deeper reason is the fact we take a very spiritual, almost metaphysical approach  to engaging the entities we are trying to study.  It's not that we aren't scientific, because we have that happening as well, but I think at the end of the day, you have to have an open energy, and that creates an inviting atmosphere for anything capable of reaching out to us."

Host and Producer Ronald James on the
Dead Whisper Set

Ronald James
- Producer.  Ronald James  personally did camera work, the writing, the final editing and most other aspects of this production.  He has worked on major TV Shows like Crocodile Hunter,  HGTV Dream Home and many more.

"Sometimes you set out to do a project and you have an idea what you're trying to do, but you have no idea what you are actually doling until it starts waking you up in the middle of the night."

Ronald James with "Ghost "Author Peter Straub
at the Bram Stoker Awards.  James was once an
up and coming Horror Writer before he decided
 truth was stranger than fiction.

James with Clive Barker at the World Horror Awards, where
his audio books were recognized.  Get a FREE copy with
 Dead Whisper.

Robbie Thomas:  Already an internationally known Psychic, Robbie  specializes in missing persons and murder mysteries.  He's been featured on dozens of radio  and TV shows and has 8 books out as well.

Robbie blew us all away in Dead Whisper and when you see him in action, you'll know what a REAL Psychic can do.

Robbie's web site is: www.RobbieThomas.net

Psychic Medium Robbie Thomas during
a hectic moment at Rico Ds.

Michael McDowell collecting EVP in the
Manteno basement

Michael McDowell:
  Michael is the founder of the Indiana Ghost Trackers.  It has grown to be one of the largest Paranormal organizations in the Midwest.

Michael seems to have a strange affinity with the spirit world, as evidenced by the large amount of EVP that called to him by name.

Michael Esposito:  Michael Esposito considers himself a specialized scientist in the study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  A former
Psy-ops officer in Iraq, Michael has both a technical background and an understanding of the human (and inhuman) mind.

Mike makes a great point about EVP.   "EVP is like seeing shapes in clouds. You might see one thing, someone else might see something else. But you canít deny that there is a cloud. EVP is the same way. Something is saying something."

Michael Esposito just before we capture
a shocking EVP about murder.

Michelle Huff confronts an onslaught of paranormal
activity at Manteno.


Michelle Huff: 
Michelle Huff is a kindergarten teacher when she's not wandering through haunted spaces.  She specializes in the analysis of photographic evidence.

In Dead Whisper, we have a lot of that.  On the subject of Orbs, she believes they are energy trying to manifest.  For people who wish to debunk Orbs as a legitimate phenomenon, watch Dead Whisper and let's talk again.

Christopher O'Brien: Chris's role in Dead Whisper was invaluable.  He wrote a lot of original music and helped with cameras and editing.

But Chris is way beyond just a video guy.  He is one of the most respected paranormal Investigators in the business.  His two mainstream books, Mysterious Valley and Enter the Valley, blew the lid off cattle mutilations.  His professional monitoring of Dead Whisper brings a level of credibility that is very important.

Learn more about Chris's work at

Researcher Christopher O'Brien explains a loud,
disembodied voice that we all heard.


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